This is part of my application for Java Linux Frontend Developer

I like the feeling when my fingers fly over keyboard tapping quickly the keys all my brain is telling. At this moment code flows without thinking.

Why Findr?

I love programming

Since I was 7 years old I am programmer.
This is my passion, this is my life.

I love to innovate

I do not like to be comfortable. I am always looking new ways to resolve problems.

I love challenges

Challenges are my food. No matter how difficult it is. I approach them in a creative way and I do not give up

I like the Eureka moment. When everything I've learned connects to solve a problem in a way I have not imagined

Some of my recent projects


JavaScript library that allows advanced and simplified interaction with objects coming from DB, OData or REST sources. Allows, field verification, sandbox, automatic field transformation, relations and associations, caching, quering, ...

Global Application configuration system

Controls all applications of university with an unique application. It controls configurations, translations and dynamic tables.

Two security levels application design

Design and Develop a application design for all university application based on two levels of security and automatization of data exchange with OData, Soap and RESTfull.

Java + Spring+ Hibernate + React + Angular in Tomcat and mysql in a docker example

This is an example with two parts, a backend API created with Java + Spring + Hibernate. And a two equivalent front-ends one created with React and the other with Angular

The API has tree calls: "login", "get logged user" and "get sensors by current logged user". It uses session memory, after login, when "get sensors by current logged user" is called it only returns the sensors of this user, and the app must not send the userID to the backend API (it is a security element)

Download Project & DB script

Other Java examples

First is a a simple virtual machine I created to allow my students of computer science to understand how to create a compiler and test their compiled programs. Download virtual machine

Second is a set of libraries. It have missing or enhanced features that I needed in my projects Download lsSystem

The last one is my degree final project. It includes image analysis, user interface, and threading for neuroscience area. Download my final project

Javascript React libraries and examples

During my investigation of react I realized that I need a context system to create faster applications. View the source code and documentation on github project reactAddons

Javascript examples

I am very proud of my javascript knowledge. An example is ilModels, that is an Object-Relational Mapping for javascript that works very well with OData but with any RestFul too. Simplify the life of the programmers (including me) was my goal when I created it. See in Github ilModels

I have a deep knowledge of AngularJS. I created a set of components See in Github ilAngularUI

Other recent libraries I created are Events emitter library, Advanced promises library with a task syncro, and more, please visit my github

Other programming examples

I feel confortable with any language. For instance, I contributed to a RestFul PHP library to create an API very fast, adding security and other features See in Github ArrestDB

I can show you a C project I develop at CUZZ). It is a fast memory caché with persistence, with high performance. Faster than memcache and others memory cache systems. In case you want to see it, please, ask to me and I will send you by email

Scheme Design

Here I present you two examples of scheme design. First, it is a open badge standard with features. View design

Last, it is a database to maintain the configurations, translations and dynamic tables of university application in one place, and to allow non IT personal to change some configurations or translations. View design

Interface examples


Alertia interface

Selection of global nodes to perform checks


Alertia interface

Current and historical status of a sensor


Risk analysis of trading

Sumary of risk


Risk analysis of trading

Sheet of operations


Admission evaluation calendar manager

List of all open admission evaluations appointments


Admission evaluation calendar manager

Adding a one or more appointments


QR Sensations

QR generator with our templates


QR Sensations

ITIL Issue submission



Very easy assessments platform

Download projects list

I try to learn about everything from everybody.

The challenge